Optimize the customer journey of your clients with the industry solution Customer Insights from IBM. Enrich your existing data with powerful predictive analysis and optimize your business processes within marketing, customer services and all other customer facing departments.


Benefit from far-reaching customer insights with following added values:

  • dynamic customer segmentation, based on customer behaviour
  • predict customer churn and recommended activities to mitigate churn
  • customer prioritization with urgently recommended actions
  • predict financially relevant life time events of individual customers
  • optimized marketing campaigns through better prediction of product affinities and closing probabilities
  • pre-tailored industry solution, including data model, statistical model and dashboard analysis

The following objectives can be achieved:

  • expansion of the market share by enlarged customer wallet-share
  • increased customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty
  • increased productivity of customer-oriented resources
  • short setup time of the solution
  • reduction of marketing costs, increase in the return on investments in marketing (ROMI)

This solution is available for various industries:


iRIX won the Basler Kantonalbank for the Customer Insights solution for banking.


Download: TDWI eBook Customer Analytics (only available in german)


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